ATTRACTIONS – Haunted Houses Near Austin Texas Area | Haunted Hayride – Scream Hollow
Per Bastrop County ordinances we do NOT require Covid vaccinations nor Covid testing to enter Scream Hollow. Mask wearing is optional. Please stay home if you are sick.
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Step into the shadows of the holiday season, where we unleash the malevolent spirit of Krampus in our chilling attraction, the Mansion of Terror: Krampus. This Christmas, witness the nightmare before Christmas come to life as we transform a section of our renowned Halloween park into a bone-chilling winter wonderland. Immerse yourself in the twisted folklore of Krampus, the horned companion of Saint Nicholas, as you navigate through haunted halls adorned with ghastly holiday decor. Each room unveils tales of holiday horror, seamlessly blending festive cheer with spine-chilling frights. Brace yourself for unexpected scares and dark surprises as you experience the ghastly transformation of the holiday season

Step into the darkened corners of the Sinister Circus Toy Factory. In this chilling attraction, the once joyful and bustling workshop of Santa's toy factory has fallen prey to malevolent forces. Evil elves, corrupted by a sinister enchantment, have overtaken the factory, turning it into a nightmarish circus of horror. As you venture through the Sinister Circus Toy Factory, navigate through a labyrinth of abandoned assembly lines and deranged elfin workshops. The air is thick with an eerie blend of festive melodies gone awry, and the atmosphere pulsates with the echoes of malevolent laughter. Discover the secrets behind the curse that has befallen the factory as you encounter haunting scenes of holiday chaos and wicked enchantments. Brace yourself for the macabre spectacle of evil elves engaging in sinister performances, blurring the lines between holiday cheer and the dark side of Christmas. Join us for a night of fear and festive frights at the Sinister Circus Toy Factory—an exclusive and unforgettable Christmas nightmare.

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The Lost Pines Asylum, once a place of refuge, now harbors a sinister secret—Frosty, an escaped inmate with a frostbitten mind. In a malevolent bid for revenge, Frosty has summoned an army of evil killer snowmen to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting world. As you navigate the forsaken halls of the abandon asylum, witness the remnants of Frosty's madness and encounter the twisted remnants of holiday cheer turned sinister. The air is frigid with the icy breath of the malevolent snowmen, and the asylum echoes with their haunting laughter. Brace yourself for the horrors that await as you come face-to-face with the vengeful Frosty and his army of malevolent minions. Join us for a night of fear and festive frights at Lost Pines Asylum: Frosty's Revenge—an exclusive and heart-stopping Christmas nightmare.

Santa's Sleigh: Lighted Hayride. Step into a world adorned with dazzling Christmas lights that illuminate the night sky, creating a whimsical atmosphere of joy and wonder. Climb aboard Santa's Sleigh for a heartwarming hayride experience suitable for guests of all ages. As the sleigh glides through the enchanted winter landscape, marvel at the twinkling lights that transform the surroundings into a festive spectacle. Encounter friendly characters and holiday scenes that capture the spirit of Christmas, spreading warmth and cheer to all who embark on this enchanting adventure. Join us for a night of family-friendly fun at Santa's Sleigh: Lighted Hayride—a magical journey that will leave you and your loved ones with cherished memories of the holiday season.

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