The Slaughterhouse 2 Lunatik’s Revenge – Haunted Houses Near Austin Texas Area | Haunted Hayride – Scream Hollow
Per Bastrop County ordinances we do NOT require Covid vaccinations nor Covid testing to enter Scream Hollow. Mask wearing is optional. Please stay home if you are sick.
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Virgil truly got the last laugh as what he thought was the final clown was slain on that moonlit night. As themist cleared all the clowns lay dead in a graveyard of colors…or did they?

Years ago, a beautiful young circus performer fell in love with laughter…the laughter of a clown. She grewup traveling town to town performing in what folklore called Slaughter Circus.

The beauty was caught and thrown into the asylum where she learned she was pregnant. A clown child was born on a dark Friday the 13th night.

As the baby grew the workers tortured and mistreated him. The boy would not speak, only laugh...but he was truly brilliant. The orderlies would yell down the steel panel hallways, “Give the Lunatik his meds”. The boy came to believe that was his name… “Lunatik”.

halls echoed of stories from the mentally ill, some told stories of a crazy traveling circus that was raided and some performers were kept in the asylum, others told stories of how the circus traveled back to the hollows of Bastrop County and set up camp in the woods where the Redneck Clan, “The Palmers” resided. He knew where he had come from and wanted to join the family of evil bloodthirsty circus freaks that would accept him as their own.

Late one night, a fire broke out in the asylum. The asylum was burned to the ground. Through the flames of Hell, Lunatik saw what appeared to be the Demon. The demon spoke to him and taught him that laughter was his weapon. Louie encouraged him to follow his destiny and use the very mind games he was tortured with to plot his revenge. He vowed to carry out the plots of these stories, wreak Havoc, mayhem and Karnage on the world. He was out and his name would be feared by all. Lunatik Karnage was on a mission.

He formed a small clown army and headed out to the woods of Scream Hollow. He set out to reclaim his birthright as a savage, funny, bloodthirsty clown.

He arrived only to find the very meaning of his name. Karnage. The Karnage of his own people. The clowns of Slaughter Circus were gone. The bloodbath stained the trees in the hollow. The colorful clown costumes littered the grown covering the bones decaying underneath.

The King of Clowns laughed. Lunatik's low sinister laugh could be heard for miles. Lunatik's clan chimed in and the laughter penetrated the forest. The killers were close and Lunatik knew his destiny. Take control, leave no survivors….and laugh while slitting your throat.

Welcome to Hell. Welcome to Slaughterhouse 2, LUNATIK’S Revenge.

When you think about it, most people are naturally afraid of evil clowns. They are the pinnacle of most nightmares. Come watch as the demented clowns reclaimed the woods of Scream Hollow. The Palmer Family has no idea what is coming and bringing hell with them…Maybe in the End there IS NOTHING scarier than an evil clown...

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